An Australian court has overturned a preliminary injunction that banned the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Tab in the country, but Apple has indicated that it will appeal the decision, which could lead to further difficulties for Samsung.

An Australian court has overturned a ruling that banned the sale of Samsung's Galaxy Tab in the country, giving the Korean consumer electronics giant some relief in a hotly contested patent battle.

The Federal Court ruling said that there was little evidence to suggest that Samsung's tablet computer infringed a touchscreen patent that Apple had secured a preliminary injunction on.

The court went further by dismissing the original ruling as “clearly wrong”, according to a report by the Associated Press. The full bench argued against Federal Court Justice Annabelle Bennett's October ruling, stating that she failed to properly assess Apple's case, which the court now believes would be unlikely to win if the matter went to trial.

Bennett's preliminary ruling banned the sale of the 10.1-inch version of the Galaxy Tab, based on Apple's long-standing claims that it “slavishly copied” its design for the iPad.
Today's decision comes just in time for the lucrative Christmas shopping season, which Samsung will be keen to take advantage of.
However, Apple said that it will appeal the ruling at the Australian High Court, so the injunction will remain standing until Friday to allow time for that to take place.
The Galaxy Tab is largely seen as the primary competitor to the iPad, leading some, including the European Union's Competition Commissioner Joaquín Almunia, to question the potentially anti-competitive nature of these kinds of injunctions, which have also resulted in a sales ban of the Galaxy Tab in Germany.
Samsung indicated that it was happy with this latest turn of events, claiming that it proves Apple's case lacked any legal merit.