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Cheaper than the iPhone 6 Plus on retail, Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge costs more to build

We wouldn’t worry about the Korean mobile titan’s financial prosperity, but their profit margins remain considerably slimmer than Apple’s. You probably remember how distressed Android enthusiasts got when it became clear Samsung would discard cheap plastic at last and go the premium metal route for its 2015 flagship. It was

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It’s more and more likely you’ll soon be able to pair Android watches with iPhones

Cross-platform support would certainly help Google’s struggling Android Wear OS, but would it also benefit Apple? No matter how hard the Apple Watch might bomb due to supply limitations, gross overpricing, inadequate battery life, meager standalone functionality and lackluster designs, everyone still expects it to outsell its Android rivals. Comfortably

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Samsung goes to great lengths to highlight Galaxy S6 durability, but drop test refutes claims

Not just any drop test, but one conducted using a professional machine and pitting the non-edgy GS6 against Apple’s iPhone 6. What, because Samsung effectively quashed Galaxy S6 Edge “Bendgate” speculation, you figured the endurance controversy was over? Think again, as a newly emerged sturdiness experiment delivers quite the vexing

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