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FreeSync over HDMI is coming in 2016

AMD is all set to add display-centric features to its Radeon GPUs for 2016, including a retooled FreeSync that works over HDMI. FreeSync allows for dynamic refresh rates that work in sync between a monitor and GPU to eliminate screen tearing. The feature is currently limited to DisplayPort (1.2a), but AMD will enable HDMI

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Synology DS715 review

Synology is one of the best NAS enclosure manufacturers in the world, offering everything from a single-bay unit designed for users looking to stream multimedia files all the way up to 12-bay enclosures designed for always-on office environments. We’re going to take a look at the DS715, a two-bay NAS

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Network Storage

Synology launches DS216play, DS716+

At the Synology 2016 event, the storage vendor showcased two new products that will be hitting stores shelves shortly. DS216play The DS216play is the budget-friendly option, aimed at users looking to store and stream multimedia files, photos and documents from a single location. The two-bay NAS offers a dual-core 1.5GHz

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