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Awakening: The Art of Halo 4 Review

Chapter 2: UNSC

This chapter focuses on the United Nation Space Command's full array of weapons, armor, and vehicles. Every weapon from the Designated Marksman Rifle to the brand new Railgun are chronicled in this section.

Master Chief's highly advanced MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor is also featured within this chapter, as is multiple pieces of art focused on his transcendence into his current form.

The UNSC section also focuses on Cortana, showing many of the concept pieces that affluently displays her slow struggle into Rampancy, represented in vivid visual detail that truly captures her plight.

Everything from Pelicans to Broadsword fighter jets to the UNSC Infinity is represented in this chapter, showing technical readouts and sketches of every vessel–even the brand-new player-favorite Mantis is detailed.

The complete UNSC arsenal is detailed within these glossy pages, showing dynamic profile shots of the firearms and powerful weaponry that is featured in Halo 4.

Even the officers like Commander Lasky and Captain Del Rio are chronicled in this section, showing masterful sketches from Robogabo of many different in-game characters as well as a few Spartan IV armor permutations.

Finally we have the UNSC Infinity, the largest and most powerful ship ever created by man. The Infinity's engines are actually Forerunner technology, and the ship is the mainstay of Halo 4's War Games and Spartan Ops multiplayer gametypes.

The Infinity is quite an impressive prize to behold and its in-game counterpart inspires awe and represents one of the major efforts of the UNSC to introduce Forerunner tech within their own.

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