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Awakening: The Art of Halo 4 Review

Chapter 3: Covenant

This chapter captures the vicious and alien brotherhood known as the Covenant, showcasing every race from the raptor-like and clever Kig-Yars (Jackals) to the ardent and battle-hardened Sangheili (Elites), as well as the small unsung heroes known as Unggoy (Grunts).

The various types and grades for the Elites are also listed within Awakening, allowing viewers to explore the different designations from Zealot to Storm and everything in between.

"At the bottom of the page is really exploration of the Elites and how they could adapt hard light for shields and weapons. Top row features more close-to-final sketches on the Elites. These would be taken to the next level of awesome by Gleen Israel." –Robogabo

The birdlike Jackals haven't changed much throughout the Halo franchise, keeping that distinct bird of prey style that defines their cunning and excellent aim. Jackals make excellent infantry and are often seen with a blue or yellow lightshield on their wrist, defining their role as defenders. They are also incredible snipers.

Featured below is Jul M'dama, a Black Elite operative that is quite a prominent character in the story arc of Halo 4's Spartan Ops gametype.

"The big take on 'tough' for ou Black Elite is that his armor would be pure black. This color variation is something that we haven't seen before within the Halo universe. His armor would also feature more ornamental pieces." –Robogabo

Section 3 also sheds light on the wide array of weaponry utilized by the Covenant, as well as their borrowed Forerunner crafts and technology. From the pinpoint accuracy of the Covenant Carbine to the spreadshots of the Storm Rifle, every alien weapon is fearsome and deadly in the right hands.

Finally we have the Covenant craft: Banshee fighters, Phantom dropships–and a few new vessels like the Lich–are featured in Halo 4. With the sketches and concept art below, you can see how the artwork shaped the actual in-game vehicles.

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