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Awakening: The Art of Halo 4 Review

Chapter 4: Forerunner

Possibly the most intriguing and visually stimulating chapter in Awakening, Forerunner focuses on the ancient and extremely advanced race of those who came before and bestowed life and infinite gifts upon the galaxy, including the Covenant as well as humanity.

Chapter 4 gives a brilliant display of all of the mysterious Forerunner characters in Halo 4 including the majestic Librarian and the ominous Didact, as well as focusing on the new Promethean threat.

Fans might recognize a few of these characters from Greg Bear's trilogy in the Halo series based entirely on shedding light on the mysterious Forerunner race.

"We wanted to play around with the idea of a secret twist within the Promethean Knights, and here is our first exploration of the face-splitting revelation.

Across the page is our idea of how a soul inside the Knights might appear after beaing defeated." –Robogabo

The Forerunner's incredible architecture and technology are aptly represented in Awakening, and in the above piece the Didact prepares to use the immense power of the Composer on Earth.

Halo 4's Forerunner weaponry is also brought to life within Awakening, showing the impressive arsenal of the Prometheans in incredible detail.

From long-raged weaponry like the powerful Binary Rifle to mid-range accurate arms like the Light Rifle or the explosive energy of the Incendiary Cannon, every Forerunner firearm packs a punch when used correctly.

The Promethean forces also make an appearance in Awakening. The deadly Promethean Knights–who are quite formidable foes in Halo 4's campaign–are actually made up of humans that have been turned into digital data by means of the strange Forerunner artifact known as the Composer.

The Crawlers, who's agility is unmatched as they effortly climb across walls and make bounds and leaps in the air, are very deadly when they swarm and overrun–as players have undoubtedly found out within Halo 4's campaign.

Watchers fly around and often resurrect fallen Prometheans and can also provide hardlight shielding for their comrades, so taking them out first is essential.

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