Axent Wear is a soon-to-be headphone set that combine coolness and cuteness into one neat package.


As a tech fashion item, headphones are already pretty standard, sometimes even a bit weird. But here’s one that tries to be both cute and cool. Axent Wear may not be the most technologically advanced headphones but it does win points in looking quite radical.

There’s not really much to go into detail just yet, as the project for Axent Wear had just started last May and there is barely any info about its specs. The latest update however, gives a glimpse of what the actual product might look like. One definite function of the headphones though is that the cat-ear like design would serve as extra optional speakers, so it won’t exactly be an exclusive tech fashion item.



After gaining lots of positive feedback, the developers of the concept have finally announced that they are about to start Axent Wear’s own Kickstarter campaign. No exact dates, but the announcements hint that it’s going to be very soon. If you’re interested, you might as well sign-up at their official website, or check for updates at their official Facebook page.

Source: IT Media (JP), Axent Wear