Barnes & Noble Nook

Earlier this week, Barnes & Noble announced their Nook Kids digital collection for children. And it seems like the book seller has also unveiled the new Nook Color touchscreen ebook reader for the consumers. It features a 7-inch color display, which stands out from devices using the black-and-white e-ink display.

Barnes & Noble has recently introduced their new Nook ebook reader device, called Nook Color. Like what its name suggest, the Nook color features a 7-inch full color touchscreen display, unlike its competitors on the market that use black-and-white e-ink technology to give the “paper” feel.

Of course, the Nook Color can also be used to surf the Internet, play your favorite songs, videos and even allow you to connect to your friends on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. According to sources, the WiFi-only device will be available in stores from 19 Nov at US$249. The book seller also plans to launch Nook Friends, which allows sharing of quotes and even entire books between friends on the social network.

Source: Techtree