Warner Bros. announced today that the Season Pass for Batman: Arkham Origins will be available for $19.99, and that it will feature five game DLCs along with additions to the storyline.


The five DLCs, if bought individually, would set users back $29.99, so buying the Season Pass is a better alternative, as it also includes other content like new costumes. The Season Pass comes with two exclusive skins, Gotham by Gaslight, which is reminiscent of a 19th century costume, and the Brightest Day skin, which sees Batman donning a white costume that is influenced by White Lantern.

Along with the exclusive skins, there are the New Millennium and Infinite Earths skins packs, which contain five new costumes each for Batman and one for Robin. It also features an Initiation DLC that allows users to play as Bruce Wayne as he tries to prove that he has the skills to become Batman. A new mission will also be included in the Season Pass, although there are no details as to what it might contain.

Batman: Arkham Origins is launching on October 25th on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC. The Season Pass will be available at the same time on all platforms.

Via: Joystiq