DICE’s servers for Battlefield 3 and their Battlelog service suffered blackouts today following an external attack.

A few hours ago, EA’s social media presence (Battlefield’s twitter account in particular) confirmed that servers for Battlelog and Battlefield 3 had been attacked, following outages earlier today. The attack aimed to overwhelm DICE’s servers and seems to have been successful across all platforms. Battlelog is running for the moment, but upon logging in, users are greeted with the message “The current BF3 and Battlelog outages are a result of activity that appears to be aimed at overwhelming our back-end infrastructure. We will provide up to date information on our official channels, including the Battlefield Twitter account. Thanks for your patience!” Perhaps this means the ordeal isn’t quite over yet. EA has yet to confirm that everything is back to normal.


The attacks come shortly after an announcement by EA that Battlefield 3’s Premium service has topped 3.5 million subscribers. Battlefield 3 Premium granted early access to BF3’s various DLC packs as well as exclusive strategy guides and other extras. While still not confirmed Battlefield 4 is expected to release later this year, on October 29.