Battlefield 4 is in beta for Windows users, and EA has detailed when players on different consoles and platforms will be able to access the game.

Battlefield 4 Exclusive Beta

The Battlefield 4 exclusive beta is now live for Windows users. The game requires an active Internet connection, and the beta can only be installed on 64-bit versions of Windows. The full version of the game will work on 32-bit machines.

The beta includes the Siege of Shanghai multiplayer map in both Conquest and Domination game modes, and allows 64 players to play simultaneously. DICE, the studio behind the game, mentioned that the beta stage will allow them to configure their servers better, as well as give them a chance to try out the new anti-cheat engine called FairFight, which was made in collaboration with Gameblocks.

DICE has also detailed the various ways to get into the exclusive beta, which are listed below:


The exclusive beta is going live on all platforms starting today, and a public beta will be available for all users from October 4.


Users enrolling in the beta will get a unique dog-tag that they can use in the full version of the game once it launches October 29 on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Source: Battlefield 4