The lanparty was modelled around a theme based on the popular Battlefield PC Game series. We decorated the Funan atrium with items like camouflage nets, gunny sacks, toy guns and various types of military equipment, and we even got two Battlefield characters to address the gamers…

Our Axis general, Josh!

Our Allied General,  HG!

Nvidia’s Regional Sales VP, Mr Lai addressing the public and gamers during the event

A full-fledged gaming system was donated to the Salvation Army after the opening speech, courtesy of Nvidia!!!

After which, we had a series of exhibition matches between some of the top gaming clans in Singapore, including the Titans (CS), Synergy (CS), SAF (BF2142), JEDI (BF2142), FsK (NFS), X3M (DOTA) & Our very own VRZ (DOTA)!

Huge crowds surrounding the players for the exhibition match


X3M won VRZ in the Dota Exhibition match in a mere 21 minutes.

Dark-horse Synergy won the poster clan Titans in a very interesting Counter-Strike Source exhibition which ended with a score of 16-14.

Prizes are presented to the winners by the Nvidia VP of Sales, Mr Lai Yit Loong.

Not forgetting the friendly NFS match that FsK.IZECUBEZ had with Nvidia’s Mr Lai