Well, it looks like while everyone was busy speculating about when BlackBerry Messenger would make its cross-platform launch, the iPhone app was already submitted to the App Store for review two weeks ago.


BlackBerry Senior Strategic Account Manager Alex Kinsella revealed on Twitter that his company submitted BBM for iPhone to the App Store two weeks ago, but it looks like the approval process is taking longer than the usual five days it takes for Apple to approve 99 percent of apps, so BBM could have landed a ticket among the 1 percent of apps that don’t see a speedy journey from submission to app store availability.

The iPhone app has never been seen in action, but it is supposed to look similar to the BlackBerry 10 and Android versions, with the latter in beta testing since a few weeks now. A summer release was initially touted by BlackBerry, and recent leaks have suggested that the app is not far from being made available to Android and iPhone users around the world, though Apple’s approval delay might put the kibosh on that timeframe.

Are you looking forward to using BBM on your iPhone (and Android devices)?



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