The Dark Power Pro 10 550W unit is supplied inside a sturdy cardboard box with a dark theme true to the name of the series. Almost the entirety of the box is black, with only some text and a picture of the dark power supply itself on the front.

We found the power supply and its bundled items very neatly packed inside the cardboard box. Compartments and walls are being formed with polyethylene packaging foam, forming a virtually impenetrable layer of protection for the safe shipping of the unit.

Be Quiet ships the Dark Power Pro 10 with one of the richest bundles we have ever seen and we are twice as much impressed by the fact that this is “just a” 550W unit. Besides the modular cables, inside the box we found a good manual, a typical A/C power cable, four 3M black screws, five black thumbscrews, some basic cable ties, several high quality cable straps (2 extra and 6 holding the cables) and a PCI bracket with the “overclocking” key, which allows the merging of the multiple OCP rails into one.

The modular cables of the power supply come inside a black cardboard box, which can then be used for the storage of the unused cables. The number of connectors is troubling for a unit capable of delivering only 550W and can be seen in the picture below. It would suffice to note that we have seen 800W units with fewer connectors in the past.