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Be Quiet Dark Power Pro 10 850W PSU Review

Be Quiet went professional with their packaging, supplying the Dark Power Pro 10 unit in a well-designed, serious looking cardboard box. The theme is dark and very serious, mostly based on a high quality picture of the power supply itself.

The power supply and all of its accessories are very tidily packed inside the cardboard box, separated into individual compartments formed by polyethylene packaging foam. This is one of the most professional packing jobs we have ever seen.

A wealth of bundled items awaits those who will purchase a Dark Power Pro 10. Aside from the modular cables, the purchaser will receive a well-written manual, a typical A/C power cable, five 3M black screws, five black thumbscrews, some basic cable ties, several high quality cable straps with the company logo and motto printed on the inside and a PCI bracket with the “overclocking” key, which allows the merging of the multiple OCP rails into one.

The modular cables of the Dark Power Pro came inside a black cardboard box, which can then be used for the storage of the unused cables. The number of connectors is more than satisfactory, even troubling, considering one could try and run a dual CPU / triple-SLI configuration with this unit. We know we would not try that ourselves, not with top-end GFX cards anyway.

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