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Be Quiet Dark Power Pro 10 850W PSU Review

Be Quiet spend a lot of effort in order to increase the aesthetic value of their Dark Power Pro 10 850W unit and it definitely shows. The chassis of the power supply is a few centimeters longer than a standard ATX unit, measuring 190mm deep without any connectors attached. Be Quiet performed significant changes to the standard ATX design however; for instance, they inserted a plastic frame at the rear side of the unit which is meant to prevent the transfer of vibrations between the power supply and the case. A rubber stripe has also been inserted towards the front side of the chassis, preventing the contact of any metallic part of the power supply with the case.

The company installed large metallic stickers in the embossed areas on both of the sides of the unit. The stickers are of very high quality but their design is very simple, with just the company and series logo in text, as well as the wattage and 80Plus certification logo printed on them.

We found the sticker with the electrical specifications and certifications at the top side of the power supply. This sticker will be visible in cases which have their PSU compartment below the motherboard tray and the PSU is being installed with the fan facing down.

As with almost every other modern power supply, the rear side of the Dark Power Pro 10 unit has been perforated in order for the warm air generated by the operation of this device to escape to the outside of the case. The mesh pattern is distinctively different than that of most other units, forming a sparse honeycomb design. A typical A/C power plug receptacle and a basic on/off switch can be seen to the left.

Fifteen connectors await for the modular cables at the front side of the Dark Power Pro 10 850W unit, four of which are for fans, one for the OCK switch/jumper, five for the Molex/SATA connectors, one for the CPU 12V connector and four for the PCIe cables and or the second CPU connector. It is very interesting to note that Be quiet replaced the crude hole where the hardwired cables would come out from with an opening covered by a rubber gasket which engulfs the wires perfectly, creating a much superior visual effect.

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