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Be Quiet Dark Rock Advanced C1 CPU cooler review

The Dark Rock Advanced C1 is a tower-style cooler, as most high performance coolers nowadays are. For a tower cooler using a 120mm cooling fan and utilizing 6 heatpipes, the Dark Rock Advanced C1 is relatively compact. A thick black aluminum plate is installed at the top of the cooler, serving mostly as an aesthetic enhancement and covers the heatpipes and asymmetric cooling fins. The cooling fan is one of Be-Quiet’s best 120mm fans, a SilentWings PWM controlled fan. The SilentWings PWM is a high quality fluid dynamic bearing fan with an innovative fins design for optimum airflow performance and a maximum rotational speed of 1500RPM but without any lighting or other aesthetic enhancements.

The fins of the Dark Rock Advanced C1 cooler are nickel plated and their fan-facing side is cut to a V shape, minimizing the noise created by turbulence beneath the fan’s motor. Their edges are also following a wave shaped pattern to reduce turbulence noise even further. The fan is held into place with rubber studs which absorb any movement vibrations.

Unlike their complex design of their fan-facing side, the back side of the fins is perfectly straight. The fins are also well cut and rounded, eliminating sharp edges and minimizing the risk of physical injury while handling the cooler.

Although the base of the cooler is nickel plated, it is actually made out of pure copper. The six 6mm heatpipes move through the base and do not come in direct contact with the CPU; the heat is first absorbed by the base of the cooler and then transferred to the heatpipes, which in turn transfer the heat to the aluminum fins.

The base of the Dark Rock Advanced C1 is well machined and almost a perfect mirror. It could be better but its quality is on par with the high class of the cooler.

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