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Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro C1 CPU cooler review

The installation of the Dark Rock Pro C1 cooler is not very complex but it requires basic tools, such as a common Philips PH2 screwdriver, and some time. To begin with, you need to screw the correct retention brackets for your CPU slot onto the base of the cooler.

You may not have to remove your motherboard from your case if the motherboard tray is cut open behind the CPU area but it will certainly prove to be difficult for any person to alone hold both the backplate and the cooler while securing the cooler by screwing it down. Unfortunately the universal backplate cannot be secured on the motherboard prior to securing the cooler; both parts are being held in place by the same screws. The size of the cooler will only make things even more difficult, therefore we recommend placing the cooler on a flat surface (such as a bench or table) and install it by placing the motherboard on it like in the above picture.

The Dark Rock Pro C1 cooler becomes the center of interest when installed on a motherboard; the cooler is so massive that covers most of the top part of an ATX motherboard. It will most definitely go over some of the DIMM slots as well, which will forbid the user from installing tall RAM modules in them. Normal RAM modules will fit fine beneath the huge cooling body but they have to be installed before the cooler. 

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