Be Quiet! have just announced the release of the Dark Rock Pro 2 and Dark Rock 2 CPU coolers, upgraded versions of the Dark Rock Pro C1 and Dark Rock Advanced C1 which we reviewed a few months ago. With the new coolers the company promises higher performance through the use of 135mm SilentWings fans, plus an improved mounting system.

The larger, dual tower version promises the "top performance-to-noise ratio and the highest reliability available", according to the company's press release. The cooler is rated capable of handling loads up to 220W and it makes use of two fans in order to do so; however, only the external fan is 135mm, while the internal fan remains an 120mm model. The company claims a maximum noise level of only 26,4dB(A).

The smaller Dark Rock 2 is a single tower version, yet it is still rated capable of handling loads up to 180W. This version makes use of a single 135mm fan, with the claimed acoustic levels dropping down to a mere 21.2dB(A).

Source : Company Press Release