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Be Quiet Straight Power E8 400W PSU review

Physically, the Straight Power E8 400W unit is almost identical to its bigger E8-CM 680W brother, which is a good thing. The design of the power supply is rather impressive, featuring a matte black chassis with tiny orange details around the fan and unique fan grill design. The main differences between it and the larger E8-CM 680W model are the lower power output and the non-modular design.

Be Quiet placed the label with the unit’s electrical specifications and approvals at the left side of the unit.

The company logo is subtly engraved on the right side of the unit. The logo is barely visible but it will also be upside down with the power supply installed inside most ATX cases.

The rear is entirely perforated to allow for the air pushed by the cooling fan to escape towards the outside of the case. The unit uses a standard A/C power cable and there is a standard on/off switch right next to the A/C cable plug.

There is nothing of interest at the front side of the unit, which was expected from a non-modular product. This unit offers the following number of connectors:


Native cables

24-pin ATX connector

1 x 4+4 pin 12V CPU connector

1 x 6+2 pin PCIe connectors

4 x SATA connectors

4 x Molex connectors

2 x Floppy connector


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