Be Quiet supplies the Straight Power E9 CM 580W power supply inside a black, sturdy cardboard box. A picture of the product is illustrated at the front side of the box and plenty of information and technical data can be found at the rear. The box strangely indicates that this product has a 3 year long warranty while the manufacturer’s website says 5 years. This product appears to be covered by a warranty of different length depending on in which country/region is being sold at and that need to be clarified or it will lead into confusion.

Inside the box everything is well packed and protected by cardboard pieces. The power supply and the extras are all wrapped inside bubble bags.

There is no bag for the modular cables but they are neatly packed and held together by two quality cable straps which you can later use inside your system.

Besides the modular cables and the two cable straps you will also receive a full size user manual, four black 3M screws, several cable ties, a standard A/C power cable and an advertising leaflet.