Be Quiet installed a fan of their own design, the SilentWings T13525-LF15, inside the Straight Power E9 CM 580W unit. It is a fluid dynamic bearing fan with a patented high airflow design. According to the unit’s specifications, this fan has a maximum speed of only 1500RPM. The orange decoration actually is a vibration absorbing frame.

The 580W version of the Be Quiet Straight Power E9 CM unit is based on a Fortron Source (FSP) design, the same design we encountered while testing the FSP Aurum Gold unit.

The filtering stage is excellent, with four Y-type capacitors, two X-type capacitors and three ferrite coils. FSP rarely uses a surge arresting MOV and this power supply is no exception; perhaps the company is confident that their product can easily handle A/C power surges.

The primary capacitor is made by CapXon and is rated at 420V/330μF. The secondary side capacitors are CapXon products as well.

The heatsinks of the power supply are relatively small, probably because of the high efficiency of the power supply. The bridge rectifier can be seen on its own dedicated (albeit very small) heatsink.