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Behind the scenes: VR-Zone’s PSU Testing Station Mark II

Although our proprietary automated load served us well for nearly two years, we decided that it was the time to bump up the quality level of our reviews to equal that of professional testing equipment. Thus, we replaced the load we fabricated ourselves with eight Vantec CA5030 electronic loads. The Vantec CA5030 electronic loads allow extremely precise control over all voltage lines, permitting current control down to two digits. One of the loads is reserved for the 3.3V line and a second one is reserved for the 5V line, leaving 6 loads to be utilized by the 12V line(s), thus allowing us to place a maximum power drain of 1800W on the 12V lines alone.

For the interconnection of the power supply with the reading instruments and the electronic loads, we had a PCB manufacturer print us our own professional test fixture. The test fixture allows for the professional and quick interconnection of the test units and equipment, plus the integrated high precision current shunts aid in the accurate extraction of voltage readings.

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