Shockproofing is already something standard in smartphones and smartphone cases, but Honda presents one crazy idea that can actually make your smartphone completely drop proof.


Accidentally dropping your smartphone is always a nasty thing. Regardless of whether your unit survives flawlessly or gets brutally damaged, there’s always that mini-heart attack moment as gravity takes hold for that very short moment.

That’s where Honda’s rather weird concept comes in. It has just announced the development of a device called the Smartphone Case N. The idea comes from the unique airbag system used by their upcoming N-WGN (pronounced as “n-wagon”), the next car model within its N-series line-up. The rather large case actively detects the current speed of the unit, automatically activating and inflating the airbags the moment it sensed that it is falling. The company claims that it can detect the unit falling as quick as 0.2 seconds, giving the system ample time to protect your smartphone at any given time it is accidentally dropped.

Honda’s advertisement even provides a quite hilarious (or horrific) story of how their “research” turned out for the Smartphone Case N.

Of course, anyone who has already seen the video should already know by now that the Smartphone Case N is more or less just a clever marketing move for the upcoming car model itself. Nevertheless, it’s still quite fun to imagine airbags on smartphones. Who knows? It might actually be a lot more feasible than we think.

Source: PCWatch (JP), Honda (JP)