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BenQ’s 10-inch Tablet Spotted In China, Runs Off Android 2.2

Another day, another interesting piece of news about an OEM attempting to make its entrance to the slate PC market. And this time, the OEM is question is BenQ, which plans to introduce its own Android-powered tablet to the market sometime in 2011. And based on what has been revealed, it seems that BenQ might be gunning for the budget-oriented consumer with its new device.

It is an open secret that most of the slate PCs released for sale in the market are not exactly the cheapest devices around. This is despite the fact that they were originally meant to replace the netbook, a scaled-down, low-cost notebook PC whose primary purpose is only to surf the Internet.

That being said, BenQ’s upcoming tablet might just be what the world needs, if its hardware specifications are anything to go by. Apparently, the R100 is slated for its entry to the market some time in 2011, and will sport a fairly large 10-inch touchscreen which is capable of resolutions at up to 1024 x 600.

Of course, it is what lies under the frame which will determine the R100’s place in the tablet market, which is well on its way to reaching critical mass. Chinese website Newpad.cn claims that the R100 will feature a processor based off the ARM11 core, and is most likely to be clocked at either 667MHz or 883MHz. This puts the R100’s performance well into entry-level territory, considering that most slate PCs are on the newer ARM-Cortex A8 core, which has speeds scalable of up to 1GHz, while higher-end devices typically get the Snapdragon treatment. In addition, Newpad.cn claims that the R100’s touchscreen uses resistive touch technology and will have only either 4GB or 8GB of built-in storage space, which all but confirms the R100’s entry-level positioning.

That being said, no details have been released about the R100’s pricing and its exact date of availability, so there is little we can do but wait for more updates regarding such details. Still, if the R100’s hardware specifications are anything to go by, we are quite certain that BenQ will have to price the R100 low enough to appeal to users seeking an entry-level slate PC.

Reference: Newpad.cn

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