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Best Buy announces Music Cloud; store your favourite songs and playlists online

Best Buy Music Cloud

Apple has recently announced their iCloud service for users to store data such as music files while Google has their Music Beta, and Amazon, the Cloud Player. And now, Best Buy has launched their new Music Cloud, which allow users to store their songs and playlists online.

Music is surely in the air (well, literally). With companies like Apple, Amazon, Google and Sony announcing their cloud service for music, Best Buy has also introduced their new Music Cloud service for users to upload their songs and playlists online and stream the content through a line of Android, BlackBerry and iOS devices.

According to reports, the service is currently linked to Apple iTunes; the Music Cloud will automatically grab the songs from your playlists. However, if you do not use iTunes, you are out of luck. The Best Buy" Music Club" is available in the Apple App Store free of charge. There is also a premium option for users at US$3.99 per month.

The Best Buy Music Cloud service is currently in beta and through invitation-only. However, you can sign up at their website to get your invite.

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