The timing of Bethesda’s recent move to trademark Fallout 4 in Europe might be an indicator that an official reveal is on the way.


It might be time to break out your Pip-Boys and your Vault Boy bobbleheads, as Bethseda Softworks has officially filed for a trademark for Fallout 4 from the European Union.

Bethesda has had the rights for the series for some time, the timing of the registration falls right in line with a mysterious teaser site called The Survivor 2299 which bears the infamous Vault-Tec logo. The website has a countdown which currently reads “23 19:23:53”, which presumably translates to days/hours/minutes/seconds.

Additionally we might see some sort of official unveiling at Spike TV’s VGX Awards (formally the VGA’s) show that rolls out on Dec. 7, along with a variety of other world premieres, teasers and announcements.

Bethesda has revealed a bit ago that they are working on a new project, and with titles like The Evil Within and their subscription-based MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online already unveiled, Fallout 4 could very well be in the works.

Gamers across the world have been clamoring for a fourth installment of the beloved landmark franchise, and they might get some concrete evidence sometime soon. The teaser site is indeed an indicator of something to do with Fallout, and when we put the pieces together it looks like the fourth chapter might be on its way.

Via Destructoid