Microsoft has recently issued a statement that many customers in Singapore have received emails that claimed they have won Microsoft lottery. That is not a legitimate mail and Microsoft advises not to open the mail or reply with your personal information. Read more for the detailed advisory.


Over the last several days, there had been reports that several customers in Singapore have received fraudulent emails claiming that they have won a Microsoft lottery.

The emails have a subject line that reads:”Microsoft Celebrates 35th Ann: Contact Dr Aris Micheal!!” and are from an “” address. The email goes on to claim that the recipient has won $1 million and asks for personal data to “validate the prize”, including address, mobile #, full name and date of birth – all of which can be used to gather more personal private data about a person.

This is NOT a legitimate email from Microsoft; it is a scam email. Instead, anyone receiving this email or any lottery scam email should report it to

Microsoft takes protecting the private data of our customers seriously and works with law enforcement and other Internet monitoring groups to help report and prevent online fraud such as this.

To find out more about Microsoft’s related lottery scams visit