Bill Gates, co-founder and current chairman of Microsoft, gave a brief interview on his opinions regarding Windows 8 and Windows 8 products. Among other things, he spoke of device input, cloud services, and the upcoming Microsoft surface.

In a video released online by Microsoft, Bill Gates called Windows 8 "An absolutely critical product." He went on to say, "It's a big step. It's key to where personal computing is going."

Windows 8 has been controversial for its simplistic design. But Gates thinks the approach is an innovation, "giving people the best of what you think of as a tablet type experience, and the PC experience."

Bill Gates agreed that touchscreen experience makes for a much easier approach to computing, but also conceded the importance of retaining the functionality of traditional input methods, such as mouse and keyboard. Apparently, he believes that Microsoft has done a good job of this with their new line of products, and said that the company is blending various methods of input, such as speech, and "over time, camera input".

Gates revealed that he has been using Microsoft’s upcoming “Surface” tablet frequently, and called the device "unbelievably great.”

"People will be pretty amazed about the energy Microsoft's putting into this new wave of products.” said Gates.

Windows 8 will officially be released later this week, at an event in New York City.

Source: CNET