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Bing for Schools brings ad-free Bing to schools, free Surface RT tablets

Microsoft has launched its Bing for Schools initiative, a program that offers ad-free and more secure Bing search to students and, as a bonus for using Bing, free Surface RT tablets as well.


Available for K through 12 schools, Bing for Schools will allow students to use Microsoft’s search engine without ads, and with protection against adult content through automatic filtering and augmented privacy. Using Bing will let students earn credits, credits which can be exchanged for a free Surface RT tablet with Touch Cover.

It’s a great way for Microsoft to offload that extra Surface RT inventory that’s currently gathering dust, while putting the technology into the hands of school kids. Parents and anyone else looking to contribute credits towards a particular school can do so; 30,000 points get a school one Surface RT, which means around 60 users using Bing Search and contributing to a school will be enough to fetch one of those RT tablets.

The Bing for Schools pilot project launches today in a number of districts that have signed up to take part in the pilot project, which covers over 800,000 students going into the new school year. If you’re a Bing user, why not head to the source link and sign up to contribute some points towards that Surface RT fund?

ViaBing Blog | Source: Bing Schools

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