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BionicOpter looks, flies like a dragonfly

Festo, which has a knack for creating robots inspired by animals, has created a robotic drone that flies with wings just like a dragonfly does.

Festo marveled the world last year with a robotic RC-seagull, which managed to mimic the real thing and fly by flapping its wings. Now, they’ve done it again, with the BionicOpter, a Smartphone controlled drone that looks like a dragonfly, and flies much the same way as well.

The drone is 17.3 inches long, quite a bit larger than the insect it’s based on, but can hover and fly in any direction, like the real thing. Using wings made of carbon fiber and foil which beat up to 20 times per second, the robot swims through the air rather literally. To aid the pilot in steering the drone, an onboard ARM-microcontroller makes automatic adjustments to the flight path to ensure stability.


As of yet, there’s no word on how long the battery time is, or what the drone might cost when released to the public. Chances are it’ll be pricey. Even if you can’t afford it though, Festo has released an amazing video of the drone, which you can check out below:


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