All in all, BioShock: Infinite has everything that a blockbuster game should have: an engaging storyline with believable, realistic characters, impressive game mechanics that build upon traditional elements and blend fast-paced action with tactical strategy, incredible visuals that permeate through the in-game environments, and the introduction of new and original features to make the experience all its own.

The game's pace of action-packed firefights that are pronounced by majestic visuals mix well with Columbia's genuine open-world feel, bringing a sense of excitement through exploration as players are immersed in a new dynamic world. Not only does the game hit the action-packed combat straight on, but it also throws in additional features–like the inclusion of Gear or the incredible fun induced by riding the sky rails–to bring a smile to the face of any gamer.

BioShock: Infinite blends all of these important elements together and brings a jaw-dropping, explosive gaming experience that is sure to entertain both old and new fans of the series, and is definitely a viable candidate for 2013's Game of the Year.