Have to leave your seat for a while and wonder if your mouse, keyboard and headset will be there when you return? Not a problem with Survivor. Bundled with Survivor is the BitFenix S2™ – an innovative peripheral security and cable management device. Simply install S2, insert your peripheral cables, and lock it to the chassis security loop using a padlock of your choice. With S2, would-be thieves will have to think twice before trying to steal your gaming gear.

Also bundled with Survivor is the BitFenix Lockdown™, a hardware stabilizer that helps prevent accidental damage to graphics cards due to excessive vibrations during system transport.


Survivor also includes a variety of features to make assembly and maintenance quick and painless. The CPU cooler cutout on the motherboard tray makes changing coolers a breeze, and specially-designed motherboard standoffs, internal cable management, and an almost tool-free design are a godsend for PC do-it-yourselfers. Finally, the included dust filters on all air intakes help keep Survivor clean on the inside.




In addition to Survivor, BitFenix is also releasing a more basic version of Survivor dubbed Survivor Core. This more affordable variant retains the unique styling of Survivor and grants users more freedom in terms of cooling options.


Both Survivor and Survivor Core will be available on retail shelves mid November.



Source: BitFenix Press Release