We’ve seen many iPhone 5C picture leaks over the past few weeks. The pictures reveal that iPhone 5C will be available in a number of colors. We hadn’t seen the conventional colors that iPhones have always launched with. Now for the first time we get to see the iPhone 5C in black.


Apple still hasn’t confirmed if it is indeed going to launch the low cost iPhone, which is now commonly referred to as the iPhone 5C. There have been leaks after leaks of purported casing and components, almost all of them have been identical. Only earlier today a couple of pictures of the purported iPhone 5C in different color hues leaked online. As many as five color options are expected to be provided when the iPhone 5C launches next month.

The black iPhone 5C we see in this picture would actually be the sixth color option. It does make sense for the company to offer this color as well, since most customers are likely to go for the understated option as opposed to bright colors such as pink or yellow. The casing seen in this picture is identical to what we have seen in the past, no major surprises on that front.

A report which came out yesterday claimed that Apple has directed Foxconn to begin shipping both the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C in mid-September. As per the latest rumors, Apple might release both new smartphones on September 20th.

Source: [Weibo]