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Black iPhone 5C will reportedly not be offered, will only be available in five colors

A couple of days ago we saw purported pictures of the iPhone 5C in black. It was the first time we had seen pictures of Apple’s rumored low cost smartphone in this color. A new report claims Apple has never planned on offering the black iPhone 5C.


Apple has traditionally offered the iPhone in black. A few years ago it started offering the smartphone in white. Those are the two color options that are officially available from the company. This time around, Apple is expected to unveil two new iPhones. The low cost smartphone, a.k.a iPhone 5C, will reportedly come in five different colors. Black was rumored to be the sixth one, but a new report from Sonny Dickson claims that this color will not be offered and that the pictures leaked previously are fake.

Dickson has actually been the source of many iPhone 5C casing leaks, he has posted high quality video and photos of the casing many believe belongs to Apple’s low cost iPhone. He’s never claimed that black will be offered. Dickson believes that the iPhone 5C will come in five colors, white, blue, yellow, green and red to be precise. We’ve seen purported casings in almost all of those colors.

He also reiterates rumors that Apple will host an event on September 10th to unveil both new iPhones. As it stands, Apple hasn’t confirmed anything about its iPhone release plans.

Source: [Sonny Dickson]

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