Black Mesa is a very impressive game; it is what Half-Life: Source should have been: It's stunningly beautiful, with an immaculate attention to detail and as much polish as any professional game studio, Half-Life´s Valve including, could ever ask for. The levels look familiar and you'll recognize all the iconic scenes and settings from the original, but they've been modernized and fleshed out with hundreds of objects and characters. The story is equally well presented, taking the original storyline and retelling it wonderfully. The gameplay is fantastically fun and reminiscent of the original, with fast paced hip-firing action and health packs in lieu of regenerative health. These features date the game a bit and make it difficult to get adjusted to, but don't really hurt it; especially as this is a remake and should, in all right, stay true to the original content. In summary, Black Mesa does just about everything right, and if you're a fan of first person shooters, you need to download it today.