BlackBerry Messenger seems to have some life left in it yet, as BlackBerry has revealed that over 20 million new users were added to BBM after it was launched on Android and iPhone.


BlackBerry had touted a million new users on the first day of launch, and it looks like the subscriber base on Android and iOS has gone up exponentially since then, bringing the total number of users on BBM to over 80 million when you factor in those using a BlackBerry device, an impressive feat to say the least.

However, there’s no telling whether these new users are actually using BBM, or just installing the app, sharing their PIN on Facebook and other social networks, then falling back to WhatsApp and other messaging services. At the moment, adding friends on BBM is quite the chore, involving sending manual invitations to people, though that will supposedly change in the near future according to BlackBerry.

Here’s hoping BlackBerry doesn’t need to pay off people to leave glowing reviews now that BBM has found a nice little user base on the two popular mobile operating systems.

Source: BlackBerry