Screenshots of BlackBerry Messenger running on an Android device have leaked, and BlackBerry has started inviting users to test out a beta version of the app. Are we getting closer to the day when we no longer need a BlackBerry to use BBM?


It looks like the millions of Android users out there might be messaging their friends via BlackBerry Messenger very soon, as screenshots of what is allegedly the BBM app for Android have surfaced online, with another image indicating that BlackBerry has begun inviting users to test out the app in its beta stage.

The Android version has the same layout as the messenger app on BlackBerry’s own OS, including the sliding menu on the left that lets you switch between the contacts, active chats, etc, something you can also do with the tabs on the bottom. A BBM icon in the status bar indicates that the app is running, but that’s about all we can currently glean from these screenshots.


Meanwhile, BlackBerry is currently inviting some of its users to test out a beta version of BBM, which they’ll be able to use if they have an Android device running on Android 4.0 and above. Hopefully, some kind soul will leak the app’s APK once they have access, though it will probably be useless in the beta stage for anyone who hasn’t been officially invited.


BlackBerry Messenger is expected to launch on both Android and iOS before summer ends, and it will be a free app with which users will be able to send messages, share photos and voice notes, and even access the BlackBerry ScreenShare function, which will let their contacts see whatever is on their device’s screen in real-time.

So, who’s excited for BBM on Android and iOS? Come on, admit it, you’re positively brimming with anticipation.