Blackberry looks to bypass regular distribution channels in order to clear inventory.


Canadian handset manufacturer BlackBerry is now selling unlocked versions of the Z10 and Q10 from its website in a bid to lighten its inventory load.

BlackBerry incurred an inventory charge of $965 million for Q2 due to the slow sales of BB10 devices like the Z1 and Q10. The once-mighty organizations is undergoing a round of restructuring and will likely be sold to Fairfax Financial Holdings for $4.7 billion should the deal be approved.


To hasten sales of its BB10 devices, BlackBerry is now selling these handsets directly from its website. The unlocked black and white color variations of the Z10 are available for $449, while the QWERTY-enabled Q10 is selling for $549. These devices are available directly from BlackBerry only in the U.S., and will work on GSM networks like AT&T and T-Mobile.


Earlier this week, T-Mobile has come out and said that it will not stock BlackBerry devices in its retail stores. Verizon has mentioned that it will continue to carry the handsets as long as there is consumer demand.

It looks like BlackBerry is not offering any discounts on the models yet, although that might change in the near future. Microsoft had to heavily discount its cache of Surface tablets to boost sales, so it is likely that BlackBerry will have to do something similar.

Source: BlackBerry