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BlackBerry still clings to life, has Z50 and Q30 flagships in the pipeline for 2014

Since no deal has been made for BlackBerry’s buyout and no deal is on the horizon either, the Canadians are said to be going about their business as usual, working on follow-up devices for the Z30 and Q10 despite sales numbers looking horrendous.


And if we are to trust newly emerged rumors out of Asia, these sequels won’t be necessarily tailor-made for enterprise customers. Instead, BB apparently still hopes its gadgets will sooner or later appeal to the masses.

But can the purported Z50 and Q30 actually turn things around for the Canadians and put them on the high-end mobile map once again? Hard to say at this point, yet what’s encouraging is at least the Z50 is shaping up to be a serious upgrade over previous members of the Z line.

Namely, the bad boy is said to up the display size ante to 5.2 inches, the resolution to 1,080p (finally) and processing power to quad-core (in lack of a better word, finally). The thing is the Z50 is only expected out “sometime in Q3 2014” and at that point, the Android landscape may be dominated by 2K displays, octa-core CPUs and possibly even fully flexible smartphones.


High-resolution cameras too, with the imaging department being another one where BlackBerry has so far failed to make an impression.

As for the Q30, we’re oddly much lighter on specifics, in spite of it rumoredly launching in Q2 2014. Based on its name, it’s obvious it’ll be a continuance of Q5 and Q10 designs, with a physical QWERTY keyboard doubled by a touchscreen.

Yawn, eh? Nevertheless, as long as BB is in business, competitors should probably keep their guard up. Phoenix-like comebacks from the ashes have been known to happen, rarely, but they do.

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