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BlackBerry to launch ‘entry-level’ Z5 as Z10 fails to contend with heavyweights

Many of us instinctively like to root for the underdog, which is exactly the position that BlackBerry (formerly RIM) is in.  Aside being in a somewhat favorable position, though, BlackBerry isn’t doing too hot when it comes to selling smartphones.  That said, the struggling Canadian handset maker is still trying to scratch and claw its way back to prominence, and this time around it’s with the Z5—or so the rumors seem to dictate.

What can we say about the Z10 except that it took BlackBerry too long to develop BB10, and eventually the Z10 itself.  Sales of the phone in Europe were lack lustered, which consequently led to the phone’s poor showing in the U.S.  Despite having indicated that BlackBerry will stick to the premium end of the smartphone spectrum, Thorsten Heins seems to have choked on his words and spat them back out.

A slew of ‘low-end’ BB10 handsets have or will hit market soon, and, though it doesn’t seem like they’re a bad idea, it does seem like the BlackBerry oxygen tank is running low.  Some purported ‘leaks’ of the company’s Z5 is proving to us that BlackBerry is trying to be versatile, but at the same time desperate.

According to the rumor mill, the Z5 is a ‘mid-range’ handset featuring a 4.2-inch screen with a 1280×768 resolution, but aside from that not much else is known about the handset.  We can safely assume that the Z5 will pack a lot less punch than the Z10—though, the flagship itself is a lightweight compared to other heavyweights from Android and iOS.

BlackBerry is also rumored to launch another flagship before the end of this year, one being the A10.  Like Rocky Balboa, BlackBerry shot to the top when it was young, but now that age is a factor it’s much harder for it to step back into the spotlight.

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