Blizzard could be releasing one of their games on the Linux platform, a new move for the company.

Rumor has it that Blizzard is working on releasing some titles that will run on Linux without the aid of third party software like Wine.  Blizzard has allegedly been running a World of Warcraft Linux server within their own HQ. According to Phoronix, Blizzard intends to release whatever it is they have up their sleeves this year. Though the rumor doesn't point to which game is underway, it's said to be one of Blizzard's popular titles. Mind you, this is all speculation, but there is good reasoning why this is a likely endeavor.

Linux is seeing a refreshing change of pace in the game field this year. Valve boarded the Linux train with their native steam client (Steam sort of opened the door for Blizzard (and others). In fact, THQ even mentioned interest. 

In the past, Blizzard has banned players that have used some of the aforementioned tweaks to play their titles on Linux. Now, however, Blizzard sees the market that is the Linux community.