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Bloomberg wants Ubuntu Edge to materialize

Canonical has received a bit of injection from Bloomberg to promote the Ubuntu Edge, an all-in-one handset that will have both a desktop as well as a mobile interface.


When Canonical took to Indiegogo to raise $32 million, most thought that the goal was a bit over the top despite the idea of an AIO handset being a really good one.  So far, Canonical has managed to raise about a quarter of its $32 million goal, but the problem is it has only 14 days left to achieve its goal and fill the coffin coffers.  If the rate of fund raising remains relatively stable over the next two weeks, Canonical will, at best, raise around $17 million, which is only about half of its actual goal.


While individual Edge backers are pledging somewhere around $800 each, Bloomberg has toss in $80,000.  Eighty thousand dollars is not a small sum by any means, but even that amount is just a blip on the radar in the overall scheme.  Still, we cannot negate the fact that Canonical is receiving a lot of press coverage for not just the official Ubuntu-powered hardware, but also the OS itself.

For enthusiasts, Ubuntu Touch has been on their radar for quite some time, and many are still awaiting the arrival of a full-fledged package for their phones.  Also, Canonical is said to be in the process of hashing out details with OEMs to have Ubuntu shipped alongside various handsets.  How far along this has gone is as clear as muddy water, but the eye candies from the Ubuntu Touch preview builds are still tugging people along even if a finalized product is still nowhere to be seen.

Should the Ubuntu Edge become a reality as many are hoping it to, Canonical estimates that the handset will ship out March of next year.

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