Microsoft is expected to add support for Bluetooth low energy (LE) in Windows Phone 8.1, but Nokia isn’t in the mood to wait around for that long.


The Nokia 520, 620, 625, and 720 have already received Bluetooth LE support since the Amber update that Nokia pushed along with Windows Phone’s GDR3 update, and according to the company’s FAQ page, support will be coming to the full range of WP8 Nokia devices with the upcoming Black update, which will allow one to use accessories such as heartbeat monitors without draining too much battery on either the smartphone or accessory.

As a refresher, the Black firmware for Nokia devices will add features such as a customizable Glance screen with image background support, Nokia’s latest Camera app, and even a pedometer feature. However, at this point, there’s no telling when the Black update will come along – it is scheduled for a rollout after the Lumia 1520’s international launch, but since we still don’t have an official date for that, it could be a while before owners of current Lumias start seeing it on their handsets.