A blurry video has surfaced online which shows a purported iPhone 5C unit which is not only fully assembled, but functional as well. Previously, only polycarbonate shells and various components of the device have been seen.

iPhone 5C

There have been a lot of rumors about Apple’s upcoming iPhones. The company is expected to release two new iPhones this year, which is something it has never done before. One of those iPhones is the much rumored budget iPhone, which is widely known as the iPhone 5C. A plethora of casings and shells of this device have already leaked, they hint at the possibility of it being offered in five different colors. Despite all of those leaks, a fully assembled and functional unit hasn’t been seen until now.

The low resolution video is quite blurry but one can make out the pink shell it appears to have. Pink is said to be one of the colors in which iPhone 5C will be offered in. From the front it looks identical to the iPhone 5, which doesn’t surprise many since the budget iPhone’s display and internal components are expected to be identical to the current iPhone. The purported unit is powered on and the user appears to be using mobile Safari to browse Apple’s website.

As per rumors, Apple will officially announce its new smartphones on September 10. The release is expected to follow ten days later on September 20th. Nothing has been confirmed as yet, but given the sheer amount of leaks that we’ve seen in the past few weeks, it seems highly likely that a budget iPhone will indeed be on the agenda at Apple’s event.

Source: C Technology


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