Seems like the good guys over at Apple have a new announcement to make, But in typical Apple flair, they are purposely holding back the good stuff by teasing us viewers with an attention-grabbing banner on homepage. Looks like tomorrow will be a very good day to use iTunes after the announcement has been made.

On your part, what do you think Apple has in store for its upcoming iTunes announcement?

Update: Looks like one of our readers guessed correctly. It is none other than the announcement of The Beatles coming to iTunes.

Looks like Apple is at it again. Barely 24 hours before a announcement involving iTunes, and in typical Apple style, the staff have put up a teaser notice on the main site informing visitors about it.

Of course, the biggest question on everyone’s mind right now is probably what Apple intends to add into iTunes that merits such an official annoucement. Our guess is that it probably has something to do with Apple’s acquisition of Lala sometime back, but that is purely speculation on our part.

However, considering that tomorrow is a public holiday for us here in Singapore, there is nothing stopping you from camping out at the Apple home page to catch the latest announcement being broadcasted. And of course, you can be sure we will be there.

Update: The wait is finally over. And if you are a fan of The Beatles, this latest announcement from Apple is sure to interest you. Apple has just announced that The Beatles have made their way to iTunes.