If you had some time to watch Family Guy the other day, chances are you were struck by surprise when Brian, the Griffin’s family dog, got struck by a car and died.


Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane said that he and his crew wanted to shake things up by putting an indefinite end to the pretentious womanizer that we all  (or maybe just some) came to love.   According to executive producer Steve Callaghan, the Family Guy crew wanted to stir things up in a ‘fun’ way, and turning Brian into road kill was the best way to do it.  Plus, the death of a family pet was supposed to be less traumatic than other bipedal.

There’s not much one can say to justify Brian’s ejection from the show, other than that he was a remarkable character that portrays and represents what many of us are—if not on the inside, then the surface.

Could Stewie find a way to build another time machine and resurrect Brian?  Perhaps, but we’ll leave that up to the producer and writers.  For the time being, RIP Brian Griffin, you will be missed.