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This year, BroadcastAsia 2011 made its appearance in Suntec Convention Halls showcasing a variety of technologies in film, TV and digital signage. Read on to find out more about the interesting things that are being showcased.


220611 broadcastasia 1 BroadcastAsia 2011

With exhibitions, booths and seminars happening on Level 3 and 4, BroadcastAsia 2011 sheds an interesting light on its own amongst industrial experts and folks who dabble in the broadcast and multimedia industry.

220611 broadcastasia 2 BroadcastAsia 2011

Sony occupies one corner of the hall, showcasing their latest 3D cameras and OLED technologies. Their theme in BroadcastAsia 2011 is "Believe HD and Beyond"

220611 broadcastasia 10 BroadcastAsia 2011

220611 broadcastasia 3 BroadcastAsia 2011

Yes, this is a Sony waterproof camera of the HXR series.

220611 broadcastasia 40 BroadcastAsia 2011

Not at Sony booth but at Canon.

220611 broadcastasia 41 BroadcastAsia 2011

Have a look at Canon's Digisuper 27 AF BCTV lens that boasts the ability to focus from a completely de-focused status without hunting. It is not that heavy, just 27 kilograms on the lens itself.

220611 broadcastasia 35 BroadcastAsia 2011

 We spotted an interesting sight at vizrt's booth (picture above). Guess what it might be

220611 broadcastasia 34 BroadcastAsia 2011

It is a mix of augmented reality as the exhibitor demonstrates the ability to control widgets and manipulating data using gestures