Broadcom has unveiled a wide range of upcoming products for the mobile market in its booth located at the Taipei International Convention Center. Read on to find out more about the company's line of wireless chipsets and SoCs that may soon find their way into your smartphones or tablet devices.

According to Broadcom, the BCM21553 Single Chip 3G HSPA multimedia baseband processor is slated for an official release some time next month.

Here is a closeup of the BCM21553's specifications:

In addition to the BCM21553, Broadcom also showed off its BCM28150 System-on-a-chip, which is currently under development and is currently available for sampling. As shown in the photo below, the SoC features a built-in HSPA+ modem, radios for WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS, and supports version 2.3 of the Android operating system, along with HDMI-out and support for 1080p videos encoded in Flash and H.264.

Also available on display at Broadcom's booth are the reference platforms for the BCM28150 SoC, which are known internally as the Broadcom Broadstone.

Last but definitely not least, Broadcom also demonstrated their upcoming Merlyn application processors: the Broadcom BCM11140, BCM11311, BCM11301 and BCM11300. These processors are designed for use on both smartphones and tablet devices and boast various features such as utilizing dual or single-core CPUs based off the ARM Cortex A9 microarchitecture, along with support for HD video.

Here is a shot of the Merlyn application processor currently being used in a developer handset: