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Build the ultimate gaming PC with NVIDIA SLI and Intel Sandy Bridge

“We are pleased to offer NVIDIA SLI technology on ASRock’s new P67-based motherboards designed for enthusiast users,” said James Lee, Vice President, Sales and Marketing Division at ASRock. “Our customers look for great value as well as performance when they buy their PC gear and SLI delivers on both counts.”


“With the latest generation of EVGA graphics cards, NVIDIA has made further improvements to SLI technology to even better utilize the GPUs and achieve nearly double the performance,” said Bob Klase, VP of Sales at EVGA. “Now with the EVGA P67 SLI motherboard, the latest generation of Intel CPUs can take advantage of this must-have technology.”



“SLI has become required equipment for any serious gaming platform since it was introduced in 2004,” said Kelt Reeves, President of Falcon Northwest. “The potent pairing of Sandy Bridge CPUs and SLI will be the dominant recipe for designing high-end enthusiast PCs from this point forward.”




“Gamers looking for the best bang for the buck will naturally gravitate towards Sandy Bridge and SLI platforms,” said Richard Chen, VP of Product Center of GIGABYTE. “This combination will provide enthusiasts with the best gaming platforms for 2011.”




“We are excited to offer SLI on our latest Intel platform motherboards,” said Scott Yang, Vice President, Motherboard Sales Dept. at MSI. “Our customers demand the best and NVIDIA GeForce GPUs running in SLI configuration on Sandy Bridge platforms will certainly deliver the goods.”


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